Anatolian carpets and kilims, with their striking colors, motifs and patterns displaying a medium of symbolic expressions with extraordinary visual richness, constitute a significant element of our cultural heritage and receive universal appreciation. Authentic Miniature Anatolian CarpetsCarpets and kilims, as the work of art by the Anatolian women, are believed to convey various information through the millennia and, due to its historical, cultural, social and economical aspects are gaining further significance which surpass its functions. These carpets were knitted with great patience and craftsmanship. Colors were made from natural pigments. We are proud to bring to live again this almost forgotten art by remastering these carpets in their miniature sizes, according to their patterns and color schemes.
There are many ways to use these carpets. You can put them in your miniature doll house, or to use them as a bookmark, or even send them like a postcard to your friends and family. You can decorate your home or just make a framed picture of calligraphy. We can make very special wallets for your pleasure. Whatever the way you use our carpets they will bring you a warm and comfortable feeling of beauty and uniqueness. We can also make custom made carpets for your business. Surprise your clients with your logo, knitted among authentic patterns, with a special message or with a new year's calendar. The possibilities we offer will just amaze you...

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